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Unboxing ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ @ BroSoundhouse. Release June 19 2023.

‘Peril Accelerator’ lyric video single, taken from ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ [released June 19 2023]

‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ full album stream [released June 19 2023].

iO Pages magazine issue # 186, July 2023. ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ review.

Guitars of the valley – August 11 2023. Dutch radio show. A portrait of Ron ‘Brew’ Brouwer.

Razende Roeland raast weer door – September 21 2023. Dutch radio show hosted by Razende Roeland, playing ‘Peril Accelerator’.

Franky goes on the air – November 7 2023. Canadian radio show hosted by François Fournier (Mystery), playing two songs from ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’
Metal Zenith – November 19, 2023 ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ review.

Razende Roeland raast weer door – December 18 2023. Dutch radio show hosted by Razende Roeland, playing ‘Sancta Sapientia’ & ‘And So It Ends’ during al live studio interview.

‘American Dream (Weltschmerz’ from my debut solo album ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage was played on Rock Live Radio by Aloys Martens on February 17th 2024. I hope to post an audio link to this soon!

Bob Prigmore played one of the songs from my solo debut album ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’ on his Prog & Rock Show on Beat Route Radio on February 28th 2024 – and concluded the show with another. More to follow in the coming episodes. Check it out (link below)!

Dutch radio show T.N.T.’s Hard uit Nederland, hosted by Jan van den Berg and Jacques van der Linden, with technician Rob Westra at the helm, focused the majority of the hour’s show on March 29th 2024 around ‘Exi(s)t – Collateral Damage’, playing six tunes from the album, interspersed by a live studio interview. It even continued into the next hour, with ‘And So It Ends’ concluding the show.